My first professional ballet teacher said, “The greatest gift an audience can give you, is to cry.”  I understood what she meant by this when I saw my father cry as he watched a piece performed about my grandmother.  A piece that I created the production design for and choreographed.  I have performed with Sidelong Dance Co., Boston Dance Co., EBA Dance Theatre, and Honolulu Dance Theatre, among others.

Having produced my work as an independent artist led me to the creation of my own dance company.  My company, Freedom Dances, is a pick up company I created in 2004 as a medium to showcase my work at a variety of venues.  Freedom Dances is committed to the creation and performance of works that explore individual, social, and cultural identities.  Works seek to reveal that among diversity and across boundaries, there exists a human solidarity.

I am also passionate about the art of teaching dance.  I have found that through my own struggles of crafting my technique that people learn in different ways.  Some students learn by doing, other by watching, hearing the music, counting, or perhaps by metaphor or imagery.  I enjoy the journey of finding what works for each individual dancer.  It’s a mutually rewarding moment when the student grasps a concept, has that ah-ha moment, smiles and fills with self confidence.  Teaching the student to find the ease in the movement is a great joy.  I am available for private tutoring, master classes, guest choreography, and rehearsal coaching.  


photo by: Robert C. Coghill