Verge 1: Greatness (2015) is a contemporary ballet piece in 3 sections. At its heart are 3 young girls setting out to forge professional dance careers. Emotionally, the piece begins with camaraderie, progresses to excitement and anticipation, and concludes with the competitive nature of our field. (9 dancers; 7 minutes)
Taking Off
Elizabeth Griffin, Kristin Lavoie, Meili Sicard, Courtesy of Spindle City Ballet Jr. Co.
Diving In
Heather Brown, Whitney Cover, Caitlin Klinger
Keeping Up
Heather Brown, Whitney Cover, Caitlin Klinger, Jill Laquidara, Rebekah Ross, Kaley Weintraub

Verge 2: A dance-theatre work exploring a woman’s struggle through darkness and despair.(6 dancers; 23 minutes)
Dramaturgy by Nicole C. Laliberté and Whitney Cover
Soundscore by Nicole C. Laliberté
Performed by Whitney Cover, soloist; Caitlin Klinger, Caroline Kory, Jill Laquidara, Rebekah Ross*, Kaley Weintraub; and company apprentices: Elizabeth Griffin*, Kristin Lavoie*, and Meili Sicard*

*Appear courtesy of Spindle City Ballet Jr. Company

Ruffled: (2016):  A musically inspired fun and intricate romp set to Mozart’s Horn Concerto No. 1 in D (4 dancers; 4:45 minutes)


Avant Adieu: Spindle City Ballet Jr. Company Commissioned for the Regional Boston Youth America Grand Prix, 2015. Here performed at Bristol Community College in May, 2015. This trio is the first section of a work in progress to premiere January, 2016.

Gypsy amongst, strangers amidst (2008/09): An abstract episodic narrative exploring human isolation within a bustling new environment.  Couched within is the notion of how one sometimes must make compromising choices.  Questions then arise regarding the pragmatism of such choices:  are they worth one’s integrity and happiness?  (4 Dancers; 8 Minutes)

Little Skirmishes (2005):  Whimsical in spirit and intricate in footwork, this capricious duet offers a humorous look at the rivalries of sisterhood.  (2 Dancers; 5 Minutes)

 The Raleigh News and Observer – Sunday, July 24, 2005

ADF fans voted with their feet

Attendance jumped in a season hopping with hip offerings

By ORLA SWIFT, Staff Writer

“….Critical conclusions are easier. Here are a few highlights:

….* Nicole Laliberte, “Little Skirmishes”: This UNC-Greensboro grad was among the most impressive artists in the two nights of four we saw of “Acts to Follow.” The pre-show series, in its third year, is an uneven gathering of short pieces by North Carolina choreographers. Laliberte’s inventive interpretation of a Vivaldi score took the composer’s characteristically bright and lilting meanderings and turned them into a playground battle between two girls. Laliberte’s exquisite musicality and wicked invention made her a tough act to follow.”


Fleeting Glimpses (2002): A reflective contemporary dance for six women, set to the Opus 100 Andante by Franz Schubert.  At the American College Dance Festival at North Carolina State University, James Sutton, international ballet teacher and former dancer, said of this work, “I feel Schubert would have been pleased to see his music represented in this way.”  (6 Dancers; 9 Minutes)


Panes (2003): A powerful duet in vignette style set to an audio collage edited and created by the choreographer. This piece was inspired by the choreographer’s time in St. Petersburg, Russia, and later enhanced by her research into the struggle for personal, artistic and political freedom following the Bolshevik Revolution.  (2 Dancers; 11 Minutes)


The Virginian-Pilot; Feb 13, 2006; Hampton Roads

Choreography put Center Stage

by Sue VanHecke, Correspondent              

“North Carolinian Nicole Laliberte’s potent “Panes ” was set to the striking vocals of Vladimir Vysotsky, the Russian Bob Dylan; the words of oppressed Soviet poet Anna Ahkmatova; and sound clips from Russian films. Over this visceral soundscape a man and woman danced in touching vignettes: he pulling her from hiding to dance, both toiling as if imprisoned in a gulag, their hope springing eternal for personal, artistic and political freedom.”

2006 Cake Dance
Collaborative choreography and performance with Julie Mulvihill
2 dancers, 7 minutes
Premier: Greensboro Fringe Festival
The Broach Theatre, Greensboro, NC
- 2006 American Dance Festival – Acts to Follow Series
Baldwin Auditorium, Duke University, Durham, NC

2004 Last Thoughts
Spoken text by Bob Dylan
1 dancer, 7 minutes
American Dance Festival – Acts to Follow Series
Baldwin Auditorium, Duke University, Durham, NC

2004 La Survivance – (Chère Mémère)
Original sound score and video design by Nicole Laliberté
Music by: Bohème Bar Trio, Nana Mouskouri, Claude Grenier,
Roger Aubry, Johanne Blouin
11 dancers, 36 minutes
UNCG Dance Theatre, Greensboro, NC

1995 The Reality Mirror
Music by Johann Sebastian Bach
4 dancers, 8 minutes
The Dance Complex, Cambridge, MA

1992 Blues from the Rainforest
Music by Merl Saunders
17 dancers, 25 minutes
Boston Conservatory Theater, Boston, MA

1991 Bittersweet Byway
Music by Janis Joplin
2 dancers, 5 minutes
Premier: Boston Conservatory Theater, Boston, MA
- 1993 EBA Dance Theater, Albany, NY

1990 Snowblind
Music by Michael Rubini, Denny Jaeger, George Winston
4 dancers, 11 minutes
Premier: Boston Conservatory Theater, Boston, MA
- 1993 EBA Dance Theater, Albany, NY
- 1991 American College Dance Festival
Bennington College Dance Theater, Bennington, VT

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